R/C Engine Conversion


R/C engines can be converted for use in both AMA and NOS free flight by replacement of of the carburetor with a fixed venturi, removal of any exhaust restriction devices, and potential adjustment of the cylinder port timing and compression ratio for best performance at maximum power.  In addition the head can be replaced with a Nelson design to further improve performance.  There are numerous R/C engines available in the 15 to 60 displacement range that are schnurle ported with an  ABC or AAC piston/liner set-ups.  Some low cost examples are the Mecoa 15, 32, and 46 available from Mecoa and the GMS 25, 32,47 from Tower Hobby which cost around $80 new.  Moving up the price scale are the OS engines which are noted for high power output and light weight. The following are a few of the R/C engines that have been modified for use in AMA free flight events. 

Modified Schnurle Ported Engines

Some excellent NOS free flight engines can be made from the R/C versions of the OS Max III 15s and 19s and from Veco 19s and 35s.