The following are links to some web sites that provide really good stuff for Free Flight and in many cases Control Line use.  In all cases I use them myself on a regular basis to obtain products, information, and almost anything related to building, designing, and flying models.  Also included are some links to sites that provide materials and info needed to operate a small machine shop.

  1. 1)NFFS - This is the home of the National Free Flight Society which  provides lots of good info on how to build and fly Free Flight and contains info on the NFFS sponsored events.  If you fly Free Flight or are just interested you ought to join. 

  2. 2)AMA - The Academy of Model Aeronautics is the governing organization for almost all model airplane activity in the USA.  If you intend to fly you need to visit.

  3. 3)Bob Beecroft - Bob’s place is a wealth of information on the neat stuff he does in his extensive shop relative to Free Flight.

  4. 4)Enco - A good place to buy lots of cutting tools, raw stock, precision measuring tools, as well as full size machine tools.

  5. 5)Kitting It Together -  A great place to buy glow plugs and other items primarily for control line but certainly useful for free flight.

  6. 6)Lee Campbell - Maybe the best place for general free flight supplies and kits.

  7. 7)Aerodyne - The place to get Aerodyne 65% nitro fuel - so good for making the TD 020 run fast.

  8. 8)Doug Galbreath - Great supplier of Nelson engines, plugs, and other excellent free flight stuff.

  9. 9)Texas Timers - The place to get mechanical timers and the information on how to use them.

  10. 10) ACP - One of a few good places to get composite materials.

  11. 11) CST - Another of the few good places to get composite materials.

  12. 12) Weather - This is the USGS weather site and is absolutely the best place for free flight weather.  Not the easiest place to navigate but once you figure out how to get to the graphical pages for your location you have everything you need for the next 6 days.

  13. 13) The Magnificent Mountain Men - The site for the Denver area Free Flight Club which provides some good how  to articles as well as a great flying field.

  14. 14) Ken Bauer - This site has an excellent Radio Operated DT for sale as well as an electronic DT timer and a recording altimeter.