Mattes Engine Rework

Model Airplane Engine Rework/Hop-Up and Repair


Mattes Engine Rework specializes in modifications and repair of Nostalgia and  Vintage engines for Free Flight  and Control Line model airplane events.  Rework is also performed on current production engines for non-throttle use.  A speciality modification is making Nelson plug compatible heads for engines to improve performance and glow plug durability using the vertical coil Nelson plug. Other work performed is summarized on the Engine Rework Summary page and described in detail on associated description pages.  Prices for individual rework items and for rework packages are provided on the Charges page.


A Nelson Head has been developed that replaces the stock Cox Glow Head on the Cox 0.020 engine.  This head uses the unique flat coil Nelson plug and has provided superior performance and outstanding durability.  In addition replacement glow plugs are significantly lower cost and more available than the Cox 0.020 head.  This is described in more detail on the Cox 020 Rework page.  Note that the Nelson Heads for the 020 are no longer available.

This site provides an overview of the engine rework performed by Bob Mattes, that’s me.  I have been flying models on and off since I was about 10 years old changing from control line to free flight during my years at college.  I worked at McDonnell Douglas, now a part of Boeing, and finally retired in 1999 at which time I reentered Free Flight in some of the power events.  Started working on AMA Power engines and Nostalgia engines to improve performance leading to this little venture which helps keep me busy.