Custom Parts


Spinner Nuts – Spinner nuts are available for for most engines with SAE or metric threaded shafts.  Special nuts for the small shafted OS 15 and 19 engines are available which work far better than the stock nut when using an electric starter.  Custom nuts can be made on request.  If you need some nose weight brass nuts are available.

Special spinners are available for the TD 020 and TD 049/051 engines which eliminate the need to shim the prop screws.  These spinners are provided with socket head screws to replace the stock slot head screws and are available in aluminum and brass.

Venturi – Custom venturi can be made for conversion of carburetor equipped R/C engines to Free Flight or Control Line use.  K&B type three-piece needle valve assemblies or through the venturi spray bars can then be fitted.  Venturi diameter is matched to the crankshaft bore to maximize performance.

Radial Engine Mounts -  Engine mounts can be made for a variety of engines.  For crankshaft induction engines use of a radial mount is recommended for engines which have adequately strong  rear cover lugs.    Mount thickness for engines  various sizes is shown below.

Engine                  Mount                 Skid

Disp.                     Thick.                  Dia.


0.150 - 0.25            1/4                      1/8

0.290 - 0.60            1/4                      5/32 to 3/16


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A slot is milled in the aft surface of the mount to accept a wire skid.  A straight music wire skid is provided.  Also provided is a 1/16 thick aluminum disk which is used between the mount and the firewall clamping the skid in place and socket head screws to attach the mount to the engine and the engine/mount assembly to the firewall. A double wire skid can also be provided if requested.