A few commercially available parts are carried for the primarily for convenience of  my rework customers.  If the parts are ordered at the same time as an engine rework or if $30 or more parts are ordered  at a time there will be no shipping charge.

Little Red Caps - If you are having a difficult time finding the “Little Red Caps” you can get them here for $3.00 for 12 or $5.50 for 24.  They come all rolled up like the Red Cap in the lower left corner of the picture.  They can be assembled into small single lobe units or large double lobe units depending on your fuel consumption.

K&B NVA - The three piece Needle Valve Assembly is available for $20.00.  It requires drilling out the spray bar hole with a #21 drill and tapping the hole with a 10-32 tap.  This NVA is an excellent replacement for the stock through the venturi assembly for a pressure system.